Music Ministry

Music is lead by the Worship Leader, Praise Team Band and Praise Team Singers

     The primary purpose of the Music Ministry at Grace Community Baptist Church is to encourage believers to participate in worshiping  and honoring God through His creation of music.

     Through Worship Service leadership and music education, the Music Ministry is a vital and exciting part of church life, providing a balanced Worship Service with a mixture of modern worship songs and traditional hymns.

     Worship music is accomplished in a contemporary manner, with our Praise Team band, vocalists and leader. The Praise Team Singers consist of the Worship Leader and up to three vocalists. The Praise Team Band may include a lead guitarist, bass guitarist, two electronic pianists and a drummer.

     During our Worship Service, the congregation is encouraged to praise our Lord by lifting their voices in song. The words to the songs are projected above the Praise Team in the front of the sanctuary.

     New songs are sometimes introduced by the Praise Team. Specials may also be presented, usually during the offering. Seasonal Performances, an Adult Choir or a Children's Choir may also be part of the Music Ministry.

     In December, the children and the youth perform a Christmas Musical. Practice for the musical usually begins in October and continues through early December. Singing and non-singing speaking parts provide all the children an opportunity to participate in the performance.

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